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London Scottish Jubilee Appeal

Fundraising for The London Scottish Jubilee Appeal

London Scottish Jubilee Appeal

In the past year the London Scottish has experienced a lot of change; the serving company has been subsumed into the Scots Guards, and the Cadets are rebadging as SG too.


But there has been some good news – the new management of Lt. Col Geoffrey Strickland and Marc Ormiston, and the great work of the team at LSH, are doing a fantastic job of turning things around and putting things back on a viable footing.


We had an extremely successful Hallowe’en and Church Parade in 2021, a marvellous G/A Dinner at the beginning of April and a very enjoyable Jubilee Luncheon last month to name but a very few of the events that the building is regularly used for. Everyone who visits LSH is impressed by it and all London Jocks love the building, the war memorials, the museum – it contains all our history and is our home, but like any home it requires some TLC.


Unfortunately, the financial structure of the Regiment was put under a lot of strain over the past few years and the building was neglected.


Consequently we now find ourselves with a lot of essential repair and maintenance work required to the fabric of LSH but very little in the way of available funds to pay for it.

The bottom line is - we desperately need £100,000.


2022 being HM Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee Year we thought it appropriate to launch our appeal and name it The LONDON SCOTTISH JUBILEE APPEAL.


Col John Clemence has very kindly offered the use of the Clemence Charitable Trust for this purpose.

Charity Registration No. 1191343

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