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In 1967 the London Scottish tradition was resurrected on the formation of G (London Scottish) Company 1st Battalion 51st Highland Volunteers. Since 1992, the tradition has been carried on by A (London Scottish) Company of the London Regiment (1993), which provides Reserve support to the Foot Guards.


London Scottish Cadet Corps

The London Scottish Cadet Corps, which was formed around 1902, had three companies, a pipe band and its own colours and was sponsored by the regiment. The corps evolved to become 235 Westminster Detachment (London Scottish Regiment), part of 23 Company Middlesex and North West London Army Cadet Force: it is based at the Rochester Row Army Reserve Centre in Westminster and alongside 102 (Bromley), and 95 (Southwark) detachments (Part of South East London Army Cadet Force) are the sole surviving cadet units maintaining the traditions of the regiment.



From its establishment in 1859 The London Scottish wore Hodden Grey uniforms with dark blue facings. This unique colour remained as full dress for the entire regiment until 1914 and survives in the modern kilts and mess dress.

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