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Regimental Song

Bonny Mary O’ Argyll

Hey wee man with the big stick in your hand,

won’t you play a simple melody

Just to remind me of the girl I left behind,

won’t you play a simple melody

Oh, I’m coming back Bonny Mary,

I’m coming back to you–

I’m coming back to good old summertime

where the bagpipes are playing auld lang syne

I know she will be waiting to see me with a smile

Oh, we’ll roam the hills together,

among the purple heather,

Bonny Mary O Argyll.

Now we held a grand procession and marched before the Queen.

Ten thousand kilted warriors the likes of which you’d never seen.

at first, they thought we were Zulus from land beyond the Nile

until they heard us singing Bonny Mary o’ Argyll,

Oh, we’re all Scotsmen, everyone’s a Scotsman!

Buffalo Bill fae Maryhill, never worked and never will.

Aye man, believe it if you can,

we’re the hielan jocks wi’ tartan socks, Scotsman everyone!

This is an old song mentioning Queen Victoria’s review in Edinburgh of the Rifle Volunteers who became the Territorial Army in 1860.

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