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The Glenworple Highlanders


On 29th March 1904 a farewell dinner was held for W.W.Jeudwine, who was shortly leaving for India to take up duties in the India Medical Service, at the Villa Villa Restaurant attended by other members of ‘A’ Company - E Poock, Duncan Tovey. J.H.Buchanan, W.Buchanan, D.R.Wheatley, H.C.Sparks, E.A.Wright and C.F.Burn

On his return from India W.W.Jeudwine invited those who had attended to dine with him on the anniversary 29th March 1912 at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in Fleet Street. All of them attended and it was suggested that they should form themselves into a Society to keep up the association with ‘A’ Company and to have an annual dinner. Duncan Tovey suggested that they should adopt the title “The Glenworple Highlanders”, an Association with which he had been involved but had become dormant. This was agreed and because he had arranged the dinner H. Buchanan was elected Honorary Secretary, a position he held for 44 years. Minutes of every meeting are taken and usually approved at the next meeting. Each Member is given a set of the Minutes from the 1904 Dinner for W.W.Jeudwine.

In November 1912 it was decided that there should be two dinners each year in the spring and the autumn and that they should gradually add to their numbers by invitation after a unanimous vote in favour. Numbers would be limited to 20 and confined to Members of ‘A’ Company which was later increased to 25. For Members, who found it difficult to attend, Associate Membership was offered so as not to block numbers. After the 1967 reorganisation membership was extended to those who had served the Regiment with distinction. In order to demonstrate equality it was decided that all members should have the Honorary rank of Brigadier General later amended to Brigadier by which members refer to each other.

In Autumn 1913 Duncan Tovey was appointed Chairman for the next dinner, but could not attend in Spring 1914. The next was not held until 1920 by which time he had died. Chairman for each dinner is supposed to be next in order of seniority with the exception of the Honorary Secretary who only takes the Chair at |Centenary Dinners.In 1922 the Venue was changed from Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese to the Officers’ Mess at HQ a privilege which has been greatly appreciated ever since.

During WW1 the following decorations were earned by members – I CMG, 2 DSOs, 3MCs, I DCM and 1 Croix de Guerre avec Palme. E.A Wright died in Egypt an 1915 and Duncan Tovey died on 5th May 1918. In WW11 C.J.Gibson was missing at sea in December 1942.

An early custom of the Society is to vote on whether the Honorary Secretary should brew a bowl of Punch at the next meeting

Exceptional service to the Regiment or the Society was marked by members’ names being engraved on a punch ladle presented by Colonel H.C.Sparks. When space on the ladle ran out M.P.Henderson presented a silver salver to mark his 60 years of membership, the longest in the Society’s history on which additional names have been engraved.

There have only been 91 members since its Foundation and 5 Honorary Secretaries.

The purpose of the Society from its foundation has always been comradeship and the opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of other members of the Regiment. In 1987 funds were donated to the Fitting Out Appeal to pay for one of the Regimental Noticeboards.

Various items have been gifted to the Society over the years, which are displayed on the table at dinners and there is a collection of mostly defunct currency notes and a Share certificate for 25 Class B Shares of $1 each in the Peruvian Transport Company Ltd (incorporated in Canada under the laws of that Colony)

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